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Type Talk » How many machines do you have? » Yesterday 19:24:05

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Lucas Dul wrote:

I do recall my very first typewriter. It’s a royal 10, missing the serial number, but it’s afrer 1931, and before 1934. I took the entire thing apart bit by bit. I was 13 and don’t know the first thing about typewriters, but I figured it out, and it works flawlessly. One of my proudest accomplishments, and one of my most reliable and coveted machines I get up past 103 words per minute.

There's a video on Youtube of a guy typing on a Royal 10. I didn't know the older typewriters could go that fast until I saw him do it. The 10 has been on my wish list for a while.



Type Talk » How to politely tell a seller their item is over-priced? » Yesterday 18:38:31

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I've had a little bit of success with two strategies. The first is asking them how they came up with that price. Often times they will say something along the lines of I checked on Ebay etc or some other rationale. When they realize they pulled the price out of thin air, they seem more open to a lower price. The second method I think was mentioned somewhere on this forum, ask them if they checked the "sold items" on ebay rather than the active auctions. When they see that the ones that sold are lower than what they are asking they are willing to drop the price. Of course walking away still remains the best way to let them know it is too expensive.

Type Talk » How to politely tell a seller their item is over-priced? » Yesterday 16:19:32

Lucas Dul
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You could do what I did once, get mad, get into an argument...it never goes over well though
Supply them with information to back up your reasons for requesting a lower price.  If they refuse, walk away.  It can be someone else’s problem

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