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Maintenance & Repairs » Remington Noiseless Portable Type Bar » Today 17:15:43

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Hi I have a 1933 Remington Noiseless Portable Typewriter.  I am looking down from the top of the typewriter and the semi-circle bar with notches in it right below the hammer arms is worn on the far right and the far left.  I believe this is causing my typewriter to skip spaces after hitting the 'a' and other keys located on the left side. 

1. Does this make any sense?

2. Is there a way to get something to replace this part? Or is there a way to put something on top of it to prevent the extra spaces I'm getting.

By the way, I know that if I type carefully I can avoid this problem, but why not fix it? 

Electric Typewriters » Nakajima AX160 tear-down and paint job » Today 13:56:29

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I have been looking at the US Swintec typewriters and stumbled upon all of this. This is from Nakajima themselves, for the US market. 
This is for the US distributor, so you can see what is available for printwheels here.

I have just picked up a Swintec 1186 CM with a custom travel case. 
As there are really dozens of OEM manufacturers from Nakajima ALL company. 

Early Typewriters » Wide ribbon box » Today 05:35:11

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Thanks thetypewriterman, here goes another picture. I does seem to be new. Beautiful purple colour, the cloth seems ok and there is dry ink on it enough to get dirty the fingers tips. 


a poem on wind 

Early Typewriters » Wide ribbon box » Today 04:38:47

Your ribbon is for an early Remington Standard typewriter, models 1 to 7.  This machine went out of production around 1914 !  A lucky find if the ribbon is still viable because you cannot get ribbon fabric in this width any more !

Early Typewriters » Wide ribbon box » Today 01:00:36

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I have no idea which machines will make use of this ribbon but the seller was selling it because "is a cool box, isn't it?" and I just felt that the ribbon needed to be rescued. 

Early Typewriters » Wide ribbon box » Today 00:53:34

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I found this box, and couldn't say not to it.



when I checked inside: 


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