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Type Talk » Help with serial # » Today 00:04:08

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It looks like a 4.


Maintenance & Repairs » Underwood Portable: how remove bottom » Yesterday 23:45:22

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If you are wondering what the base looks like underneath, without the typewriter, it is pictured below. You can see where the back feet fit toward the rear edge. The bolts that secure the typewriter (pictured out) fit through a rubber spacer/foot and screw into the base, near the middle of the case bottom. The front feet of the machine rest just in front of the rubber spacer, where you see a little worn marks.

Type Talk » Help with serial # » Yesterday 23:06:48

I can't tell what this says. To me it looks like 20?859. 

Is that third character a 1? 7? Some other symbol?
This is from my underwood portable 3, just trying to date it.



Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » Yesterday 23:01:25

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Wow that is cool? Functional though?

Maintenance & Repairs » Remington 17 faceplate removal » Yesterday 22:31:36

Rattle Tap
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Uwe, the first tentative pull with my fingers made me think that they might thread on as you say but, it seems the control rods/bars are flat all the way to the knobs and so do not thread into them.
Years ago I worked in the shop that made the Vari-graph lettering machine.
We used a great many horology tools during the assembly process and one common tool was the 'removal tool'
that was clamped on to what ever shaft, rod or bar and incorporated a forked 'pry bar' that worked against itself to pull off what ever was needed without damage to the part, shaft or machine.
I don't have access to those tools any more so before I go searching the internet for that kind of thing or resort to making them in my own shop, I am asking the forum if there is another way.
What I didn't mention in the thread starter is that there seems to be some slight damage to the bracket that holds the left side of the spool cover in place and also holds the left spool shaft upright.
It seems that the entire type basket, key board, spool drive and related parts may all come out of the body as one unit via two levers on outside of either spool mount.
This would preclude having to remove the faceplate but, there must be more that has to be removed to get the assembly out.
If I can find the right technical resource I should be able to determine  what needs to be done to remove the assembly or just examine it in place.

Maintenance & Repairs » Underwood Portable: how remove bottom » Yesterday 22:29:06

Yes,  I was referring to the base of the carrying case.  I will look into that shortly but I have to say it seemed like it was more securely attached than at just those two points…

But I have been wrong on this forum more than right so I will take you at your word. Worst-case scenario, since I actually got the machine fully functioning, maybe I'll just have to leave the darn down there ...
No! Heresy!  It must go.

Maintenance & Repairs » Underwood Portable: how remove bottom » Yesterday 22:06:21

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When you say "bottom plate," do you mean the base of the carrying case? If that is what you meant, and you are still wondering how to remove the typewriter from the base of the case, there are two screws that secure it to the bottom. They are accessible through the keyboard. You can see them if you look underneath the back corners of the keyboard--near figure key and the color selector.

Type Talk » Possible Acquistions Thread » Yesterday 21:36:00

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Answered my own question. 
I guess a more appropriate question for the thread would be what would be a reasonable offer for a Noiseless such as this?

Maintenance & Repairs » Underwood Portable: how remove bottom » Yesterday 17:28:38

I found the bastard! Now I just can't seem to pry it free... it's in between the frame and the gears that raise and lower the carriage… It got in there so It must be able to come out without taking everything apart

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