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Standard Typewriters » An "albino" SG1? » 21-1-2018 05:27:44

Well, that is very interesting !  You live and learn !  I always understood that the changeover from SG1 to SG3 was circa 1966, although I have no doubt that both models were made simultaneously for a while to 'build out' existing SG1 parts stock.  Trade serial number dating sources simply list 'SG' models, and as they were all numbered consecutively you cannot tell the change over period from those.

Standard Typewriters » An "albino" SG1? » 20-1-2018 04:11:45

This is the 'transitional' model circa 1966.  Olympia were phasing the SG1 out and bringing in the new SG3.  The first SG3s had the same colour keyboard.  The paint finish is a sort of hammered enamel and not as pretty as the dark green crackle finish of the original SG1.  Note also that a lot of knobs and levers have changed to white plastic from the mid-green of the original.

Maintenance & Repairs » Olivetti Lettera 32(Italy) ribbon spool & carriage lock issues » 17-1-2018 17:43:50

Can't help with the spool nut until you have answered Fleetwing's questions.  I can help with the carriage lock though.  The lower plate is obviously stuck (it should jump up under the tension of the spring once the chrome lever is moved).  The most likely cause is that it has got bent.  You will need to remove it, put it on a firm flat surface, ideally an anvil, and gently hammer it flat.  Refit it, and it should work fine.  Do try lubricating it with sewing machine oil and working it with a screwdriver before removing it.  If it is simply stuck and not bent, you may save yourself some dismantling.

Maintenance & Repairs » Adler Tippa S Canary Issues » 11-1-2018 17:40:07

Your Adler Tippa 'S' probably dates between the late 1960's and the mid-1970's.  If you search for 'The Typewriter Database' you should be able to find out the exact year from the serial number.  It is not best practice, but I think all you can do is glue the keytop back onto the keylever with epoxy resin.  In an ideal world, you would fit a replacement keytop, but short of buying another Tippa for spares, there isn't much hope of finding one.  The uneven keyboard has probably been caused by someone pounding really hard on it - maybe a child hitting the keys with their fist ?  It is quite likely that the key levers are bent.  You could try bending them back if you are feeling brave - but you could easily break one.  A case of 'kill or cure' !  In good working order, the Tippa 'S' is a nice typewriter !

Portable Typewriters » Two questions about the Rooy ultraportable... » 09-1-2018 04:28:05

I am in the UK and I can tell you that seller hasn't got a clue !  The Rooy takes an 11mm ribbon and the spools are very hard to find.  If the machine has the original spools, I can supply new 11mm ribbon fabric to wind onto them.  http://www.thetypewriterman.co.uk/supplies.html   No, this isn't an advert ! If you are in the USA, I can suggest a supplier of 11mm ribbon fabric that might work out cheaper for you. 

Type Talk » Are prices going up? » 07-1-2018 18:14:17

Over here in England, prices on e-bay always ratchet up in the weeks before Christmas and then stay at that level until the same time the following year, when they go up again.  We are just talking about an average level of prices here.  There will always be both ridiculously cheap and stupidly expensive typewriters about.

Maintenance & Repairs » Underwood 5 vibrator adjustment » 07-1-2018 18:10:58

The following is not a crass answer, but is based on experience.  Just fit an All-Black ribbon.  The chances are that the ribbon lift mechanism is hopelessly worn.  To adjust it, you need to remove the carriage, make a trial adjustment, re-fit the carriage, then test the machine.  You could easily go round in circles for days doing this, and still not get a totally satisfactory result.  Trust me, I have been there !

Maintenance & Repairs » Hermes 3000 Knob Replacement » 06-1-2018 17:15:52

I take my hat off to you sir !  That is very impressive.  Keep us posted on if the knob holds up in actual use !

Maintenance & Repairs » Hermes 3000 Knob Replacement » 06-1-2018 04:38:26

Yes please, I would very much like to see a photo !  And I bet everyone else on here would like to too !

Maintenance & Repairs » 1971-ish Olivetti Lettera 32 ribbon reverse » 31-12-2017 15:35:41

Welcome to the forum !  And Happy New Year !  Let's start with some basics.  Are you using the correct ribbon ?  The ribbon for your machine should have a metal eyelet set into it near each end.  The ribbon should pass through the reversing fork on each side before it reaches the ribbon vibrator in the middle.  If the ribbon is correctly fitted but has no reversing eyelets, or is the correct one but the ribbon does not pass through the reversing forks so that the eyelets can trip them - then that is why the automatic ribbon reverse isn't functioning.  If you already know this, let us know and we can go deeper into the problem for you.

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