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Maintenance & Repairs » 1913 Royal 'Flatbed' Model 5 - broken ribbon vibrator » 01-8-2017 02:43:28

You will need to find someone who is skilled at soft-soldering once you have removed the ribbon vibrator.  Brazing or Silver-Soldering requires higher temperatures (red heat) and the thin metal might not take it very well.  Soft-soldering isn't strong enough in itself to mend a break like that, but if a steel splint (for instance cut from a tin can) is soldered across the crack (assuming that it will not catch on anything when the vibrator is fitted back into the machine) it will be plenty strong enough and practically invisible.  I repaired an Imperial Good Companion ribbon vibrator this way last month and it worked very well.  I do stress that you need to find someone who knows what they are doing.  It is a tricky thing to solder !

Maintenance & Repairs » Typebars stuck in cork » 28-6-2017 18:02:50

Or you might be able to remove the cork in one piece, turn it upside down and re-glue it to the typebar rest with some UHU or similar glue.  Not too sure if the cork is original but some typewriter manufacturers used cork so it is quite legitimate.

Maintenance & Repairs » Remington 17 faceplate removal » 27-6-2017 16:25:13

If the machine is like the KMC etc. - and it is after all what the KMC evolved from - then those flat shafts are indeed stamped to a round section before being threaded. You may need to grip the knob carefully with a pair of pliers to unscrew it.

Maintenance & Repairs » Remington 17 faceplate removal » 25-6-2017 04:31:59

Almost certain that those knobs unscrew.  The ones on the KMC and Super-Riter do.

Maintenance & Repairs » Ribbon reverse on S-C Classic 12 doesn't work » 17-6-2017 09:48:29

From memory, there should be a grub screw on the small gear.  Unscrewing it should enable you to move the gear back slightly on the shaft.  Maybe it is seized and needs a little gentle persuasion ! 

Maintenance & Repairs » Ribbon reverse on S-C Classic 12 doesn't work » 14-6-2017 04:42:29

Not sure if you have checked this, but are either of the gears that you can see in the picture loose on their shafts ?  Have you tried tightening the set-screws?  I'm assuming that the rest of the ribbon transport mechanism is working because you say that the left spool winds normally.

Portable Typewriters » Purchasing a typewriter (Corona No.3 Folding) - things to look for? » 13-6-2017 05:37:21

OK, That L-shaped bracket screws to the top side of the cast frame.  There should be two of them, left and right.  The side with the two holes - one hole is for the screw that attaches the bracket, the second hole is to attach the top of the side casing AND the bracket.  The arm with the single hole - that is to attach the spring that returns the shift.  You should have two springs and two brackets.  If you haven't, someone has been dismantling your machine and has lost the parts !

Portable Typewriters » Purchasing a typewriter (Corona No.3 Folding) - things to look for? » 10-6-2017 16:03:29

When you press either shift key, they are connected by a bar which runs across the front of the typewriter's mechanism, just behind the keyboard.  An extension of the bar, on the left, raises the carriage.  Perhaps that is the part of the mechanism that is jammed.  Do you think you could take some photos of this area and post them for everyone to see ?  I have never come across a 'Dactymetal', but it certainly sounds as if you have an Olympia Traveller there, under a different name.  After the first few years of production, all Olympia Travellers were made in Yugoslavia.  Olympia didn't own the factory.  The company name was UNIS-TBM and that is what you can see cast into the machine's frame.  You might be able to read the serial number with an LED torch (flashlight).  The cold white light shed by LEDs is very good for picking out indistinct serial numbers.  It might also be worth taking the bottom casing off the machine (four screws in the rubber feet) to see if there is a coin or something preventing the carriage from lifting.

Maintenance & Repairs » How to remove platen from Olympia SM9? » 31-5-2017 17:27:10

Helping each other is what this forum is all about - and comparing notes with others.  Now that your problem is solved, don't go away !  Stick around and see if you can maybe help someone else - or learn more !

Portable Typewriters » Purchasing a typewriter (Corona No.3 Folding) - things to look for? » 30-5-2017 13:16:29

No problem.  Helping each other is what this forum is all about

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