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03-6-2013 02:11:14  #1

Mercedes Superba

Hi all http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

I just recently picked up 3 portable typewriters, and a mechanical calculator, so I thought I would post them here. This is the Mercedes Superba with a Danish layout, notice the Æ Ø Å. The cover (box) is in a rough condition but the machine looks really good and it is fully functional. I haven't been able to date this machine and I hope you guys could help me?











03-6-2013 22:32:40  #2

Re: Mercedes Superba

Hancock wrote:

I haven't been able to date this machine and I hope you guys could help me?

Have you located its serial number? Very nice typer by the way. Is it relatively quiet?

Mercedes Superba                         
Serial numbers up to: 
123900 =  1937
132000  = 1938
140000 =  1939
146000 =  1940

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06-6-2013 15:59:46  #3

Re: Mercedes Superba

Thanks for the info. I would say it's more quiet with the top on but not much. I found the serial no. and it's an early one 98486. I am not selling it, it's a keeper, but do you know how much it is worth?

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06-6-2013 23:11:24  #4

Re: Mercedes Superba

Hancock wrote:

I am not selling it, it's a keeper, but do you know how much it is worth?

Ah, the million dollar question...

I'm not trying to be a smartass, but it's worth whatever you can get for it. For example, I would maybe offer you up to $100 for it. Someone who collects Mercedes specifically or is after machines with different keyboards might pay a little more. Then there are those who buy typewriters from antique shops and are looking for a cute accent piece that will make an interesting bookend in their office. You could probably get over $200 from such a buyer. 

Another way of looking at it would be to ask what is it worth to you? I have typewriters that I know that I will never - ever - sell. And I have some that I'm happy to pass on for $30 because I don't have any attachment to them.

I agree that it is a keeper and that you should hang on to it. So many it's priceless then?

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07-6-2013 05:07:55  #5

Re: Mercedes Superba

I've heard a lot about Mercedes typewriters, but I don't know much about them. I think it would benefit the board if you produced a review of this machine. 

That said, it's certainly a pre/wartime typewriter. You can tell that by the keys and the general layout of the machine. 

Uwe is certainly NOT being a smartass. He's absolutely correct. Typewriters are worth what someone is willing to pay for it, or for that matter, what the owner/seller is willing to take for it. As I explained elsewhere I think, typewriters were found EVERYWHERE - every office, every household study, every desk had one. So they're not rare. And therefore, not particularly valuable or expensive. 

Assuming that Mercedes Superba portable is in working condition with no mechanical issues, I wouldn't pay more than $200 for it, with the expectation that I don't need to do ANYTHING to it for it to work other than take off the lid, put in a ribbon and crank in a sheet of paper. 

But then, typewriter value varies WILDLY on where you live. Here in Australia I've seen people ask for hundreds and hundreds of dollars for what are really very pedestrian machines. 

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07-6-2013 07:26:32  #6

Re: Mercedes Superba

I don't think I'm experienced enough to write a review of this machine. My main collecting area is WWII and Vietnam militia, this is just a side hobby http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png
Thank you for your answers, I simply wanted an estimate in case of theft or fire

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07-6-2013 17:42:06  #7

Re: Mercedes Superba

For insurance, I'd say $150.


08-6-2013 17:00:30  #8

Re: Mercedes Superba

No idea of it's 'worth'... but thought I'd let you know I think it's a nice machine. And the fact that it's a Mercedes must count for something... the name alone must add value.

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20-8-2014 19:07:30  #9

Re: Mercedes Superba

I saw one this machines at my friends store. It looks messy yet working quiet well. Steady as a rock. Are you happy with it? Shoul I buy it?


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