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16-11-2016 20:30:01  #21

Re: Keychopper Alerts

A reply I once received from what would seem to be a neutral - no abiding interest in typewriters and no economic interest in destroying them - was on the money I think: nobody would consider parting out an antique if the object as a whole were worth more than the parts. So the way to stop destruction of antique typewriters for profit is to promote interest in typewriters to the point where any machine would be worth more to the seller to sell whole, including any shipping expense, even though this would mean paying more in the future for typewriters and fewer Finds.

Alternative is to try to have it made a crime. It worked for buildings but that was a long hard fight, and it's a lot easier to abuse a typewriter in private. I'm sure any argument that could be made on one side or the other is exactly parallel in the two cases so there is no point in repeating them. In NYC at least it took the destruction of the monumental Pennsylvania Station to make a monument to profit and sporting events to really catalyze the change - too late for Pennsylvania Station, of course.

There will always by aestheticopaths who have no feeling for any artistic creation other than what they can make from it, living or dead. So far as I know at least there are no religious fanatics destroying typewriters as symbols of Satan. At least so far as I know.

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16-11-2016 23:02:50  #22

Re: Keychopper Alerts

Oh, you'd be surprised at what's out there.  But, you are right about there always being "aestheticopaths" out only to make a buck.  Some people have no sentimentality--they never have--they never will.  Pity these poor people, because nothing touches them, and nothing warms them.  They walk the Earth without hearts.  They know no generosity, perhaps because none was offered to them.  Perhaps they know no love for the same reason.  They do not seem to exhibit the mental capacity for anything other than to acquire personal gain--money.

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24-11-2016 12:01:55  #24

Re: Keychopper Alerts

The only thing which bother me about this thread is, if you were the type of sociopath who would destroy irreplaceable technological artifacts for short term movie money, and they are manifold, might you not use this thread as a shopping list?

I'd like to save more typewriters than I can store right now but I am not quite ready to pull the trigger on monthly rent for a storage locker.

"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton".

24-11-2016 12:25:35  #25


14-2-2017 18:15:09  #26

Re: Keychopper Alerts

Uwe wrote:

Store name - Candle Company Antiques & Gifts
Location -  3796 Main St., West St. Paul, Manitoba, Canada
Owner(s) - Glenn and Alanna Rossong
Occupation(s) - Keychoppers; destroyers of antique typewriters

This complete and utter a-hole is at it again; apparently the email that I sent him had absolutely no effect. What kind of antique store is it that destroys antiques for a buck? This time the butcher has a '40s Royal portable on the block...  http://www.ebay.ca/itm/112302809380?ul_noapp=true

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16-2-2017 20:05:55  #27

Re: Keychopper Alerts

It's best to be nice.  Key choppers have a special place in Hell.


21-2-2017 11:49:53  #28

Re: Keychopper Alerts

This Underwood typewriter "is in like new, everything works smoothly, has ribbon, good working machine."
The ad continues: "One negative is I lost the keys (what a burr head) but they are readily available on e-bay for less than $10.00." 



21-2-2017 13:07:07  #29

Re: Keychopper Alerts

So much for working condition! What does this person think is working if there are no keys on it?

Elliott 1

21-2-2017 13:09:33  #30

Re: Keychopper Alerts

If I was more tech savvy, I'd make one of those internet memes that says:
"one does not simply LOSE typewriter keys!"


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