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05-1-2017 22:30:16  #1

WTB: Underwood Touchmaster II Ribbon Covers

Hi.  Am new to this forum, so please advise with suggestions for improvement.  I recently acquired an Underwood Touchmaster II.  I have been half-on-the-lookout for a cool manual typewriter that I can use for a few various things I write - that I prefer NOT to compose via computer.  I was pretty excited to be able to haul this on off for $40.  The machine looks new and after a little cleaning all the keys and functions work great.  The two biggest improvements I'd like to make are:
1) Install a new ribbon (the type is kind of faint) which it appears I can get a few places online for <$10.
2) The machine is missing the ribbon covers.  I have found only a couple pictures online, which is how I discovered the ribbon covers are missing.  I have been unable to find ribbon covers, and I have found no other Touchmaster IIs.

I assume either my machine was/is not very popular or there must not have been many made, or they are all in use with their ribbon covers.  Any advice on locating replacement ribbon covers or anything else about my new machine would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
Bart in Dallas


06-1-2017 00:44:19  #2

Re: WTB: Underwood Touchmaster II Ribbon Covers

You can use the ribbon covers from an Underwood Touch-Master Five.  I have two such covers on my 1959 Underwood Touch-Master II.  They should still be fairly plentiful to find.

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