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21-1-2017 22:08:24  #11

Re: Brother Electronic Typewriters discontinued

Yes, I wouldn't mind owning something like that--provided I could afford it.  But, now, the design.  I am thinking you would probably have that Olympia SG-1 in mind.  Beautiful choice--smooth-as-silk carriage, spring-loaded keys, straight-as-an-arrow printing, easy-off carriage, et cetera. 

If you were to design a typewriter like this, would you design a manual machine?  Would you have an electric?  Portable?  Upright? 

My guess is that most people, being used to a computer keyboard, would find it hard, if not almost impossible to use a manual typewriter--at first.  With some, you'd probably have to eventually offer an electric--not electronic--a straight electric of the old school--with an electric motor assisting the functions of a manual.  If you don, DON'T design it like a Remington Electri-conomy.  You couldn't guarantee that thing past three months.  Oh, well-built they were, but their craftsmanship and usability rarely met.  Crooked print, skipped letters, and a carriage return that needed to be assisted by one's finger or hand were normal anomalies of these monsters.  The Olympia SGE upright electric would be a very good choice.  Their motor actually has the outside spinning instead of the inside--and they located it underneath the keyboard.  Check one out sometime--they're neat!!

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04-5-2017 23:26:51  #12

Re: Brother Electronic Typewriters discontinued

Sorry if this has been asked, and sorrier if this is off topic, but what could have saved the typewriter industry?  Do you guys think they should have dived into the computer market to a degree?  Perhaps competed in the keyboard market (I'd die if they came out with a Smith Corona style keyboard.  Those are so comfy).


25-10-2017 12:44:02  #13

Re: Brother Electronic Typewriters discontinued

Digital cameras killed film cameras ... almost.

The Impossible Project took over one of the last Polaroid plants still equipped.  They refurbished old Polaroid cameras and sell them at a hefty price.  They started making instant film to work in the old Polaroid cameras.  Now they have a new name - Polaroid Originals.

Fuji has the Instax instant camera line and instant film.

Another company has a line of instant cameras.

Kodak brought back one of the films (Ektachrome?).

Vinyl recordings are making a come back.

I suspect typewriters won't die but they've been pretty dormant for a while.

People are rejecting smart phones.  Have you heard of the Punkt phone?

I think it's more than just going retro.  I think people are becoming fed up with ultra-high tech garbage and are going back to what they really think is important.  Just my opinion.


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