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13-2-2017 15:14:01  #1

FS: Triumph Matura Standard

Hi everyone,

so, the next one from my "collection" to sell. It is a Trimph Matura Standard, serialno. 5014645, which the typewriter database dates to 1962.




More pictures

I cleaned the machine and typed on it. Everything appears to work, though the backspace key needs some careful pressing (but then it does work). As with all my machines, they're located at the edge of the Ruhrgebiet, NRW, Germany.

I suggest a price of 30 € plus shipping costs to wherever you live, but beware that this machine is heavy! Please PM me if you are interested.


PS: The other machines I advertised are still available as well.


13-2-2017 15:15:19  #2

Re: FS: Triumph Matura Standard

What I forgot to mention, but probably is important: The small "matura standard" label on the carriage is self-made out of paper. The original label is gone.

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13-2-2017 18:30:27  #3

Re: FS: Triumph Matura Standard

If only you were closer... I would buy that typewriter in a heartbeat. I love the Matura and keep waiting for the Standard variant like yours to turn up in my area, but I don't think many were imported to Canada, so I'm still waiting. Good luck on your sale - and hopefully some lucky enthusiast will end up with it soon.

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13-2-2017 20:10:04  #4

Re: FS: Triumph Matura Standard

Yes - had my chequebook out - but seeing your location, I put it away again.  Germany to Australia? - ouch.
Great machine though; I'm sure it will sell.


28-5-2017 13:51:51  #5

Re: FS: Triumph Matura Standard

Nobody has approached me on this machine. I have put it up for sale on hood.de now:

The auction lists shipping only to Germany, but of course you may just as well request shipping elsewhere on the world. Just post here or PM me and we'll talk the problem over. Beware that it weights about 15 kg.


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05-8-2017 08:10:35  #6

Re: FS: Triumph Matura Standard

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