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13-3-2017 11:55:55  #1

Alignment on a Royal H

The capitals type high. Where can I find the adjustment screws or nuts?



13-3-2017 12:38:52  #2

Re: Alignment on a Royal H

The adjusting nuts are located under the machine, near the sides. If you check the 1945 Ames service manual here, it has a diagram and instructions that are applicable in regard to capital alignment for an H, even though the manual is for a KMM. The manual is towards the bottom of the page, and the section you are looking for is "Motion and Shift Mechanism, on page 20 (pdf page 24.)

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13-3-2017 12:56:44  #3

Re: Alignment on a Royal H

The lock and adjusting nuts take a 7/16" wrench.

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13-3-2017 13:21:18  #4

Re: Alignment on a Royal H

Thanks! I found the nuts and aligned them pretty well, though not perfectly. First time I do this. Chewed up the nuts a bit using pliers and busted a knuckle. But I'M happy!

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