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10-4-2017 17:34:05  #21

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

Mmmmm, Hmmm!!
Uwe, I do like that color!
I'm sure that machine types as good as it looks.
Any more pics of it in the gallery ?


11-4-2017 00:38:18  #22

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

My favorite Empress photo. And great kicks too. Bonus points if you can identify the typist...

"To save time is to lengthen life."

11-4-2017 06:17:17  #23

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

Yes, a certain late-night gap-toothed talk show host, now retired. That's a well-loved (read: filthy) Empress.


12-4-2017 21:32:48  #24

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

Paul Schaffer and the "worlds most dangerous band" would know....
That has got to be staged, I hope.
I can't imagine him using a typewriter that filthy even at the young age of this photo.


03-5-2017 21:08:53  #25

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

1941 Royal Companion portable


04-5-2017 23:20:25  #26

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

I'm using a Sears Celeberty 12, basically a Smith-Corona design, and an Olympia sm8 Cursive.


06-5-2017 09:15:28  #27

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

Uwe wrote:

I've been sticking to standards of late, and today I'm using a '65 Royal Empress, which is an appropriate name for this particular model.

I believe that is the characteristic warning posture of the queen termite.  Here is a final photo a friend snapped showing the threat progressed to written proclamation -- just what you don't want to see when crawling through an African giant termite mound.


"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton".

16-5-2017 19:15:02  #28

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

Fleetwing wrote:

Currently I'm working on a Lettera 22, 1955 beige color. Types fine after a little cleaning, and I've adjusted the alignment of the capital letters (unusual adjustment, with two eccentric nuts under the ribbon cover -- fiddly). Now I'm pondering what to do to replace the infamous grommets that keep the cover from rattling on the frame, which are basically gone -- seems like the grommet size is something not readily available at hardware stores. Maybe rubber washers/spacers might work better.

A few other issues I need to address, but as it is it types very nicely -- much better feel than the Studio 44 I have. I can see why these are highly regarded!

I wanted to provide a tip with regard to the grommet issue. First, I should point out that Tom (typewriterman) has some available at his website that look like they are precise copies of the original, so that is probably the best option. But I have found an approach that works well, and should be easily available at a decent hardware store. I used rubber washers (3/16" X 1/2" X 1/16") in sets of two in place of each grommet, one between the frame and the body shell and one between the shell and the screw and its washer. The ones I found, at Home Depot, the big box chain, are made by Hillman and are sold in packs of two. So, four packs will replace the grommet set.


16-5-2017 20:08:17  #29

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

Sorry, Tom's handle is thetypewriterman. My mistake.


09-6-2017 22:55:09  #30

Re: What typewriter are you using currently?

Got the S-C G12  (Smith-Corona Galaxie 12) on the desk to fill in the essay answers for my stage one apprenticeship test.  
It's an open book test with no time limit (been at it for a month now...)  and so far I'm making 100% correct.
First test, six months into a three year apprenticeship, twenty essay questions, not a simple 'Yes' or 'No" in the bunch.
All up hill from here.......



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