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10-4-2017 15:08:51  #1

Public Typing

I've noticed there seems to be a trend lately for folks typing in public. This is not to be construed with "type-ins" which I heartily support.  I occasionally find one at a coffee bar or at a table in a used bookstore with a lounge area.  My opinion is it's a bit much; and couldn't really lend itself to actual productive work.  I can't weigh on the rightness or wrongness, but I steer a width berth towards a quieter area.  For a guy who doesn't like piped music, I certainly don't need the clackety- clack- ding- zip.  Fathoming the appeal here; good etiquette or not?


10-4-2017 15:21:32  #2

Re: Public Typing

Hipsters. And not so much bad etiquette (if you can accept the idea of somebody taking up valuable space for hours on end) as bad form -- "Look at me!"


12-4-2017 13:54:06  #3

Re: Public Typing

Joe can Cleave had a video about this in his Typewriter Video Series.  It was one of the early ones, I don't recall which.

Elliott 1

12-4-2017 14:16:17  #4

Re: Public Typing

I looked it up, it's episode 9.

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