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29-4-2017 11:34:05  #1

Line Spacer Selector Problem with Royal Quiet Deluxe

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Royal Quiet Deluxe from an auction site to learn about basic typewriter repair and maintenance. So far, I've cleaned it up (remove dust, clean type slugs), and it types pretty well. 

I think that this model is from 1950 but I'm not 100% sure (the serial number is A-1936795). So, the first thing that I notice is that when I use the carriage return, it works well in double-space mode, but in single spacing mode, it works very irregularly, as you can see in this short video:

So, before I start playing around with any adjustments, I thought that I'd pose this problem here. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thanks so much!



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