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30-4-2017 23:40:36  #1

My First Typewriter: A Remington Standard #12

Hello, Everyone. I'm new to the typewriter scene and new to this forum. I recently picked up my first typewriter at an estate sale. I'm looking for some help to identify exactly what I've found. I've read through many sites, including this one, and I'm still stumped. Based on it's labels, it's a Remington Standard #12 and this particular model has five, round red keys at the top. Behind the keys, on the face of the machine, there are labels that say Street/1Tab, City/Par, Yours/Name, Sig. (I think) and "unreadable"/CITY. Each label is aligned with a red key. Also on the face of the machine are a pair of 12's along with some sort of selector, on the left side, with three options marked with white, black and red indicators. The machine is Right Hand return. There is no number one key and there is no Tab key (a feature apparently introduced in 1925). One feature on this machine, which I can't find anywhere on the net, is the right shift key says "For Service Rem-Rand Phone 26136 Shift." Aside from the five red keys I mentioned, all keys are white, round and appear to be porcelain. The serial number is LS35493. I researched serial numbers but I'm still stumped. Based on the serial number, and if I'm understanding the Remington Codes, my machine should be a 1923. What's throwing me for a loop is the right shift key which refers to Remington-Rand; a merger that didn't happen until 1927. This key appears to match the others in color and wear, but perhaps it's a replacement from a later model.

Lastly, based on internet photos, I've noticed many #12 machines have a label in front below the space bar that says Remington Standard. Mine does not so perhaps it's been painted. Otherwise, with the exception of its missing two rear feet, the machine appears to be intact and functional.

I will post some photos once I get more familiar with this site. Any pointers are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



01-5-2017 19:32:28  #2

Re: My First Typewriter: A Remington Standard #12

Hello amd welcome.
The Remington 12 is a great typewriter. The 5 red keys are the decimal tabulator. They go in order from L-R like this: . 1 10 100 100 They allow you to write in columns on the page like this:
The shift key with the phone number means that they typewriter was rebuilt sometime after it was manufactured.
The decal on the front was more then likely covered up when it was rebuilt.

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01-5-2017 20:00:06  #3

Re: My First Typewriter: A Remington Standard #12

Thanks for the welcome and the explanation, mre12ax7. That makes sense. Do you know if it was a factory rebuild would it be re-serialized? 

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02-5-2017 08:33:27  #4

Re: My First Typewriter: A Remington Standard #12

Rebuilt macines with new serials start with a ZR prefix.
The date of 1923 is the date of manufacture.

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