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17-5-2017 17:36:12  #1

Olympia Splendid 33 ribbon vibrator & margins

Hi guys, newbie to both the forum and to the world of typewriting, so please excuse my lack of technical knowledge...from some of the previous posts in this forum (I think) I've diagnosed the problem my Olympia Splendid 33 that I purchased this weekend. 

When I type for the first time , the ribbon vibrator goes up and doesn't come back down. It also stops the ribbon from moving along too. I noticed, when I put shift lock on, there is no problem and everything works perfectly. I have cleaned the area with denatured alcohol and the arm seems to be moving well. 

The second problem, the margin (rail?) is not connected to the machine, so I can't move the margins along. It looks like there are 2 screws that are missing on the rail, but the screw hole machine is twice the width? 

Any help would be really appreciated as I am scratching my head to figure this out!


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