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30-5-2017 21:40:08  #1

Opinions sought on two different machines

I am currently looking into two quite different machines.
The first is an Underwood Standard Three-bank portable..
And a Remington Rand Model 1 "Noisy Noiseless."

What are some opinions on each? I like to use my machines and am curious as to which is a good 'user.'

Thanks in advance. OliverNo.9


09-6-2017 22:36:37  #2

Re: Opinions sought on two different machines

As much as I like Underwood, I know nothing about the three rank standard you're looking at but, if you are looking for a daily use typewriter, would a three rank be the best choice?
The only three rank machine I have is an Oliver Number 3 and while I certainly admire the design and execution of the machine, I wouldn't call it my first choice for daily use.
Not that there is really anything wrong with a three rank machine but, going from that style to a four rank and back would probably be more re-adjustment on a daily basis than I would like.
Just something to think about.
I do have some experience with the Remington and Underwood Noiseless machines, both standard and portable versions.
Good machines, both makes and models, I have one of each.
Of course none of them are truly 'noiseless' but, because the type slugs don't actually touch the platen, they don't make the typical 'clack' of every other machine out there, so in that respect only they are some what quieter.
They are certainly made very well. I think at the time these machines where made, at least Underwood was still making things to a standard and not just a price point.
The portables are much the same way. I believe at the time the two noiseless portables I have were made, Remington was also making the machines for Underwood as well. 
The only difference I see between the two is the name on the eraser table.
My Underwood Noiseless Portable came to me in excellent condition and is a great typer. The Remington Noiseless Deluxe is in good condition but needs a draw band and some cleaning before it can be used. Again, it is identical to the Underwood so I expect it will function just as well.



15-6-2017 15:26:30  #3

Re: Opinions sought on two different machines

I am currently having a complete restoration performed on an underwood 3. Mine is the version that has white keys with black lettering. I love the way it looks but I've never had the pleasure of using it, it wasn't fully functional when it arrived. I could type in all caps and really liked the glass top keys, compared to the plastic ones of other machines I've used, such as the Adler Contessa and Olympia Deluxe.
I know they say it can be more tiring, typing on carriage shift machines as opposed to basket shift, but I don't personally think it would take such a toll unless every other word needs capitalizing.
Once I learn how to upload pictures I'll post an image!


15-6-2017 15:32:36  #4

Re: Opinions sought on two different machines

Let's try this...


15-6-2017 16:11:25  #5

Re: Opinions sought on two different machines

oh i see now, posting pictures is just not possible from mobile..got it
This is my Underwood 3


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