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31-5-2017 15:10:24  #1

Rex Visible No. 4

I thought this was another junker: I've had bad luck with eBay lately. This one had a carriage that snagged at intervals, something that baffled me. An eureka moment solved the problem: I removed the tab rings and it works fine now. That made my day: I really like this machine and its design. It has a great feel, similar to that of my oldest L.C. Smith No. 8. The three-bank keyboard throws me off now and then, but it has been fun getting to know it. I am also tickled that it has a No. 1 key, something many of my uprights don't have. I'm guessing this one is from 1915: the serial number is 45834. There's a sliding latch on the left panel: do any of you know what it's for? Also, there's a smaller lever to the right of the shift release: what is its purpose? Any feedback is much appreciated.


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31-5-2017 15:47:06  #2

Re: Rex Visible No. 4

Nice find on the Rex!
I just picked up an Oliver #3 and was also surprised to find it too has a 1 key.
On my Oliver there is a small lever on the left FIG and CAP that will lock either of the two levers in place.
I wonder if the lever by your 'Shift Release' might do the same?
Maybe the small protruding lever on the side, switches the ribbon direction?


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