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05-6-2017 08:31:36  #1

Corona Standard (l935) keys completely locked

Hi - I've got a Corona Standard in excellent condition with one exception - all the keys are completely locked up. I can't get any of the keys to depress and I can't manually move any of the typebars. There are no signs of there being any foreign matter in the segment - I've cleaned out, lubricated, etc. The machine is very clean and by all indicators has seen very little use. The carriage moves fine (the space bar is the operational, as are the shift keys and backspace, but the writing keys are frozen.

Am I missing something? This is my first Corona Standard, but I've not seen a condition like this before.

I appreciate any help or insights! Thanks!


05-6-2017 11:50:34  #2

Re: Corona Standard (l935) keys completely locked

Even if it looks clean, it could be gummed up inside the segment. I have had Coronas where someone must have sprayed oil in the segment which congealed to where all the keys were frozen. It took multiple cleanings to free it up. It can look clean and still act like it is glued solid.  Do not manually raise the typebars without depressing the corresponding key; on these Coronas, the typebars won't move without the corresponding key being depressed at the same time. If you try to pull the typebars with your fingers without pressing the key, you could pop the link, which would be fixable, but should be avoided. Never force a key. I would try to free up one key first, to test whether it is an overall segment cleaning issue. If cleaning frees up a key, then you know to continue with the rest. If you cannot free any keys, and they are completely jammed to where they don't even move part way, then it might be an issue with the universal bar being impeded, or something that would effect all the keys from the start point. I don't think it is the line lock, as I believe the keys would still move part way if it was stuck.


05-6-2017 20:29:28  #3

Re: Corona Standard (l935) keys completely locked

OK - thanks so much! I'll keep trying to clean the segment and see if I can get even one key to budge. If not, then I'll look at the universal bar.

Appreciate the help!!

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