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17-6-2017 05:39:17  #1

Suggestions for General typewriter cleaning

So I saw a few differing opinions on the proper way to clean a dirty typewriter. And have heard some need lubrication, and some that are negatively impacted by lubricant attracting dust and whatnot.

So I've picked up my old 1937 Remington 5 streamlined, shes filthy. and needs a good bath.

Is this just your typical, toothbrush and degreaser scrub down, rinse and dry in the sun kind of deal? any special instructions for cleaning, polishing, etc.

I don't think mine has glass keys, maybe a clearcoat seal on them instead? anything I should stay away from, or use particularly on them?

And for the type face, I've seen a short video using a toothpick to get the heavy "gunk" off the lettering so that it makes more defined impacts on the paper. Anything else I should know about or use?

Thanks for reading.


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