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07-7-2017 10:55:39  #1

FS: 1973 Olivetti Studio 45; $45 (SOLD)

Hi there,

Post summary: 1973 Olivetti Studio 45, clean and fully functioning. $45 + shipping obo.

So, I intend to put this guy up for sale on Ebay this weekend, but I thought I would give you guys first dibs, as I’ve been privileged by the help and information I’ve received here on my various posts. Lots of good folks here. Also, I do plan on putting up pictures, but those will probably come this evening or sometime tomorrow afternoon. I very recently acquired this machine, and did not intend on selling it but, a young man of my ilk collects at the grace of his beautiful wife. And so, out the door it goes if I want to have room for the acquisition of my “grail” typewriter, which I may have stumbled upon.
Here’s what I’ve got: I’m looking to sell an Olivetti Studio 45 made in 1973. I’m very open to offers, but since I’m not a fan of posts that only say “make an offer” I will tentatively suggest a price of $45 plus whatever the shipping of your choice comes out to.
The typer is in excellent all-around shape. Whoever bought this originally kept it nice or else used it very lightly. Unlike most of these machines, which come in the Olivetti turquoise green, this machine has a tan shell. All of the keys function properly, as do, as far as I could find, all of the functions: margins, tabs, etc. The type size is pica. The platen is harder than ideal, but there is still some definite life in it, and I imagine a rejuvenation spray (or as I recently discovered the effectiveness of, a good soaking in wintergreen oil) would return it to a decent softness. There are a few minor dings on the machines outer cover, but nothing beyond the normal wear of usage. While the innards are pretty clean, there is some of the typical collection of dust and such. Nothing major though, and certainly not enough to have an effect on the functioning. The case is also in decent shape—sturdy and functioning. The machine comes with the original, small cleaning brush, a two-sided card that acts as a user guide, and a slightly worn paper ruler that can be used to measure weather a machine is using pica or elite type size.
As for the actual typing action, I’d say it’s probably not for everyone. As I’ve heard from some people, these guys are not as snappy as some people would like them to be, and this individual is no exception. That said, it’s not an unpleasant typing experience.
Again, post any questions you might have in this thread, so that others can see the answers as well. Otherwise, pm me for offers. I can mail via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Thanks for looking!

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. -- Ernest Hemingway

08-7-2017 21:08:56  #2

Re: FS: 1973 Olivetti Studio 45; $45 (SOLD)

SOLD! $35

Got this sold locally before I could make an eBay ad.

-- Tric

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. -- Ernest Hemingway
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