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17-7-2017 09:51:28  #1

FS: Blue Corona 4 w/ Math Keys - needs repair

I bought this Corona two summers ago, thinking I could fix it, but it is evident that I cannot. I would like to sell this unique machine to someone who would like to fix it.

It types well and the carriage advances, but it is not useable because the ribbon reverse isn't working. It will only pull the ribbon one way, and sometimes it will not pull the ribbon either way. There is something wrong with the metal linkage that connects the ribbon advance mechanisms on each side, but I'm not able to fix it. Also, the linkage to one of the keys (the exponent 4 and 5 key) is missing, so that key is not useable. The backspace, also, is not working. I am asking only $25 plus shipping for this typewriter because I would really like to see it go to someone who will be able to fix it. It will come with the metal key top covers that were on it when I purchased it.

I have sold and shipped well over a dozen typewriters on eBay, so I am very experienced at packing them. This typewriter will be very well protected during shipment.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like more photos!




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