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17-7-2017 10:00:17  #1

The Battle of the SM9´s

Following the question that I raised in this topic, here comes the thread:

Are there any sgnificant differences between earlier and later Olympia SM9 versions?

This is an earlier one, from 1965:


And now the later one (1978):


They look vastly different, but when typing they´re quite similar (i.e. awesome). The earlier one still retains the "classic SM" feel, but the newer one looks like the SG3´s little brother.

But my question is whether there are any significant mechanical differences inside it or not. Following the principle of "don´t repair it if it isn´t broken" I´ve not tinkered with them too much apart from superficial cleaning and minor adjustments in the 1965 specimen (the othe one was 100% alright), so I´ve not gone too far. I know this may be a minor question, but I´ve always found useful to compare typewriters, and asking even more useful :D


(Olivetti Linea 98)

17-7-2017 14:52:33  #2

Re: The Battle of the SM9´s

I think the placement of controls is different -- for instance, I believe the lever on the left side of the keyboard with the + and - is the touch control on the earlier model, and it's the tab set/tab clear lever on the later model. The earlier model has keys on either side of the space bar for the tab set and tab clear functions. I don't have one of the later models, so I am guessing that the touch control is found under the ribbon cover?

In other words, I think the features are the same between the two versions, but the location of the controls is a little different. There may be some other slight differences, and Olympia may have made some changes for the sake of cost savings in the later model, but you'd have to look hard to see them (or tell if they make a difference).


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