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01-8-2017 17:13:18  #1

Groma kolibri misaligned printing

th "n" key is striking lower than all the rest, how can I adjust this? Is it possible?
see picture




01-8-2017 18:51:43  #2

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

Check the 'N' type slug to see if it is seated on the end of the type bar relatively similar to all the other type slugs and to make sure its solder is intact. If it isn't, it will need to be resoldered. If it is seated correctly, then the type bar itself will need to be adjusted using a peening plier, which you most likely don't own. Others here will probably tell you to go at it with a pair of needle nose pliers which is not the ideal way of doing it. In either case it's a very delicate procedure that takes skill.

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01-8-2017 19:39:47  #3

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

 OK let me look at it real quickI searched the forum shortly after posting this and saw that it was generally something that needs to be physically reshaped,  rather than simply an adjusting screw or something of that nature 
so darn

 let me take a look and I'll report back 

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01-8-2017 20:52:19  #4

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

 I'm not really sure if this is an instance of the typeslug not being seated properly on the Typebar, or if the typebar needs adjusting.  But I'm going to venture a guess and say it's the former... however unfortunate that might be.

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01-8-2017 21:15:17  #5

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

Yes, it looks like the N slug was soldered on lower than the other slugs -- perhaps it was resoldered at some point, since I can't believe it would have left the factory like that. Refer to Uwe's note above about what to do -- looks like a job for a pro.


02-8-2017 08:16:56  #6

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

Hmmm, I wonder if it's something I could do...with right tools

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02-8-2017 08:47:39  #7

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

Soldering (or welding, what´s the difference and which one is the correct term here?) a typeslug is tricky. As far as my experience goes, I´ve always asked Pascual and Alberto to do it for me because it´s so easy to @#*! up, and you definitely need professional tools to do it.

A former worker at the Olivetti plant in Barcelona (Angel in this case) explained me how they alligned the typebars, and a specific tool is needed. If you try to tinker with a typebar you can turn it into a postmodern steel sculpture which while it may have some artistic quality, it won´t type properly .


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02-8-2017 08:51:43  #8

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

Well $@*#....

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02-8-2017 09:17:57  #9

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

I can confirm from personal experience that it's quite tricky to do soldering work on typeslugs.

I tried some on a Corsair 700 that already had a not-quite-straight resoldering done on it, and tried to improve alignment of the worst typeslug.
I decided to stop when I finally managed to get it to the way it was before, because there's no way I'm making it any better without a lot more practise, and possibly better tools.

The slug gets quite loose when the solder is melted. I was expecting it to be almost a friction fit without solder, but it's nowhere near that. The slug really floats around.


02-8-2017 10:10:31  #10

Re: Groma kolibri misaligned printing

Hi Javi

​The correct term in this case is soldering. In general, soldering is when two or more pieces of metal are joined together using a joining metal that has a much lower melting point than those being joined. Soft solder which is usually a lead & tin alloy melts at temperatures between 200ºC and 400ºC depending on the alloy ratio.

​Welding usually refers to heating the metals to be joined to their melting point and melting or fusing them together. Welding is a permanent join and can only be undone by cutting the metals apart. Soldering can easily be undone simply be melting the solder and separating the parts.

The only way that I'm aware of to correctly solder type slugs onto the type bars is with a soldering jig. This jig holds the slug in the typing position, the type bar is then lowered into the slug and the two are soldered together. Hope this helps,



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