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29-8-2017 10:29:59  #1

WTB: Space Bar for Underwood Rhythm Touch

I am cleaning up an Underwood Rhythm Touch De Luxe that is in good working order, but it needs some parts. I will post pictures as soon as possible, but I have included a photo from a source I used to identify it.

The spacebar is snapped in two but it still functions. If I need to, I can glue it back together until I find a replacement.
The platen is dry and will either need to be renewed or replaced.
I only have one of the ribbon spools but it is plastic so I am sure there are replacements available.
The margins are stuck in place. I hope this is a cleaning issue, but I cannot be sure.

It looks like it was stored in a barn somewhere. It has dirt and grime all over the externals and internals, but it seems mechanically sound. Any suggestions for part resources or restoration tips are always welcome.
More importantly, if anyone knows of a guidebook or video link for disassembly, I would greatly appreciate it.


29-8-2017 11:34:25  #2

Re: WTB: Space Bar for Underwood Rhythm Touch

The margins may require application of a penetrating oil to free them up. As for the ribbon, yes, the Underwoods of that vintage take the universal spools, so those are easily found (with fresh ribbon wound on).


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