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22-10-2017 21:51:05  #1

Underwood Portable Ribbon Help

Hi everyone,

You've all been very helpful in the past, and I hope you don't mind if I ask for your assistance again.

I picked up an Underwood portable (4, I think?) at a little antique shop in my hometown. It looks like this:

(I should post a photo, but gave up my tumblr account. You can look at the machine here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bakv43mAUFf/?taken-by=robertlong4man)

Never mind the word "PIG" that's written over and over again. I just like typing that word. 

The typewriter is in great shape! It's got some scuff marks from where someone appears to have rubbed his/her hands on it, which I like. It ought to be cleaned, but it works perfectly, and while I thought I would immediately sell it I think I'll hang onto it instead, and use it for writing a while, before it moves on.

The problem I have at the moment is that it needs a new ribbon and I don't know how to access the ribbon spools. They've got those metal caps on them, and while I'm sure I'll feel foolish when I learn how to remove them, there is no way to take them off that's obvious to me. If anyone knows what to do in this situation, I would appreciate the inside dirt on that process. 


23-10-2017 09:17:32  #2

Re: Underwood Portable Ribbon Help

You can see that the caps are attached to the based by flanges on either side -- just press in on the cap above the flange and it should give enough to allow you to unhook it from the base.


08-11-2017 15:03:01  #3

Re: Underwood Portable Ribbon Help

Beautiful typewriter! I have the same model, and as Fleetwing said, the caps have little "wings" that hang out at either side and fit into little slots. Pushing on the inside(the right side, overtop the slugs) of the ribbon caps will allow you to pull up and angle the outside wing out of its slot. I hope that makes sense!

A high schooler with typewriters. 

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