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26-10-2017 00:48:18  #1

Selectric 1 Motor Clutch Slipping

Hi all. Recently picked up a Selectric 1. Initially the machine wouldn't turn on, but once I removed the cover and manually rotated and broke loose the centrifugal clutch attached to the motor and belt, it turned on. Apparently they can get like this after sitting for a long time and accumulating gunk and what not. Anyways after I broke it loose the motor ran, but the clutch immediately started slipping in the belt when trying to engage. Making a loud and repetitive clicking noise as it repeatedly slipped. I cleaned the clutch off very thoroughly. I even compared it to another clutch I have on a different Selectric. They both look exactly the same in every way. And that clutch works. So I'm having a tough time believing that it's the clutch that's bad.  I noticed that the carriage on the machine is stuck all the way on the left side and I cannot pull it to the right to save my life. Basically I can't tell if the clutch isn't letting the inner shaft rotate because it's broken, or something in the inner shaft mechanisms/gearing is jammed up and won't rotate freely which is causing the clutch to slip as it takes too much force for the clutch to handle. Is this happening because the carriage is stuck on the left side? And if so, how can I release it manually? Which parts in the machine should I check to see if they're seized up by gunk or dirt? Bearings anywhere? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!   


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