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06-11-2017 21:14:41  #1

Olivetti Lettera 32 (Made in Spain) Touch Control

The touch control I know is under the cover to the left.  The lever on top is sloping downward when I received it. I see three holes and a slot.   But, there are not any numbers or letters to go by.  Right now the selector indicator is in the slot.  Is it suppose to be in one of the holes?  And which hole is suppose to lighten the touch?  I moved the indicator to the first hole but I sensed no difference in the touchl


07-11-2017 12:47:36  #2

Re: Olivetti Lettera 32 (Made in Spain) Touch Control

Assuming that the touch control mechanism on your Lettera 32 is in good working order, you move the control lever to its highest position to obtain the lightest type action (conversely, move to lowest position for the heaviest action). Keep in mind that not all touch control systems have a dramatic effect on the type feel; some definitely work better than others in this regard. 

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07-11-2017 13:05:45  #3

Re: Olivetti Lettera 32 (Made in Spain) Touch Control

Thanks.  I asked too soon.  Think I figured it out after looking through the top and seeing the three slots.  I moved it to the middle slot.  

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