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13-11-2017 15:56:06  #1

One year later

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my first typewriter purchase! I clearly remember hauling my Underwood out of the car and placing it on the dining room table for my family to admire. Then the weeks of cleaning and frustration that followed as I learned the inner workings of "Underhill," dipping my toe into the previously uncharted waters of typewriters.
Now I have four typewriters in varying stages of complete functionality and a deeper appreciation for non-electric machines. Everyone's general response when I tell them about my new hobby/way of writing is surprise and mild confusion. To which I reply, "Yeah, it's slightly odd, but it works." Then they laugh and comment about making corrections and how much more convenient writing programs on computers are. I'm sure a lot of you have experienced the same conversations. 
These last few months haven't been filled with as much typing as I'd like. We sold our condo and have been going from campground to campground in our RV trying to find land to buy. (How hard can it be to find some cleared acres for gardens? Or a small home needing TLC on some land?) Our search continues and I hope it ends soon so we can set our plans in motion.
Anyway, here's to the next stage of my typewriter-filled life and many more years of learning (and buying) these great machines.


13-11-2017 18:36:49  #2

Re: One year later

Happy Anniversary! 

"To save time is to lengthen life."

14-11-2017 12:06:52  #3

Re: One year later

Thanks Uwe!

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