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14-11-2017 11:26:13  #1

Need help finding out about typewriter

Hi I have a friend who is letting me purchase a typewriter off her. From the serial number 4A187275...So what I have figured out so far is it is a Sterling Speedline between the years 1945 and 1949. The thing is not sure if it's a 1946 because of the 4A187275. The 18 is throwing me off cause in 1946 16 is the part of the serial number but this is an obvious 18; as well as the color of the typewriter is throwing me cause I can only find black or dark blue in these years. I am trying to find out this mystery so that i can properly take care of the typewriter when I get it.
I also know it has a "dusty old man's smell" as she put it....lol!! I have not smelt it but would like any recommendations for getting smells out of typewriters if a proper cleaning doesn't work.
Please find photos of light blue typewriter as well as a photo of what case looks like...do not have a pic of actual case at this time but was told looks exactly like it in photo provided.


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14-11-2017 11:53:00  #2

Re: Need help finding out about typewriter

Based on what I saw in the Typewriter Database, the serial number is consistent with a 1946 manufacture date. I don't know what to tell you about the color, unless it was a really well done repainting, because the dark gray/black color scheme is all that appears to have been available then.

As for the smell -- she's probably referring to some mustiness, which could be caused by the ribbon, if it's old, or pieces of felt glued inside as sound dampening, or just age. You can change the ribbon, of course, but you may find just airing the machine out will help a great deal. Take it out of the case and open the ribbon cover, and leave the case open too. Putting it out in the sun for a while should help.


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Re: Need help finding out about typewriter


With each strike of the key her story came alive....
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