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23-11-2017 17:53:03  #1

Installation of ribbon in Erika 10

Hi all,
would someone in the know, as it were, please check my ribbon installation in the pics below?  I have just received this beautiful machine but I am certainly not familiar with typewriters in general so not sure if I have wound around the auto-reverse levers correctly (I think it is but not certain).

Also, in another thread I asked about the Pelikan ribbons.  You can see the the excess ink sitting on the surface - this doesn't look normal to me, does it look OK?  I actually tried rewinding the ribbon from end to end and mopping up the excess with a sponge but it still seems to be over-saturated.  However, in this process, I lost track of which side of the ribbon was facing the paper and which was facing the type bar; does it really matter or is there a definite side to face the paper?

Many thanks,




24-11-2017 02:19:54  #2

Re: Installation of ribbon in Erika 10

I can't see anything wrong with the ribbon, if has the colours right, black on top, and red in the bottom  then is right, as long as I know there is not such a thing as the typeface side or paper side in my ribbons at least, I just put them however make sense (left spool releasing ink clockwise and the right one releasing it counterclockwise, does that make sense?). Anyway, if is only black, lets say, and one side of the ribbon had to go towards the typefaces and another towards the paper I guess the manufacturers would put "this side up" on the spools or something. About the ribbon being oversaturated... no idea how much ink can have your ribbon, but a couple of things that can help improve the print, which might look obvious, but just saying if you don't know: don't punch the keys too hard,  or just press them, always with the same pressure, you will get the feel; put 2 sheets of paper, instead of one, printing is more even because the platen is hard and doesn't do it anymore; clean the typefaces, rubbing alchool and a toothbrush can do the trick of cleaning the old ink stuck in the letters and that can give you very satisfying results in order to have a more clear print. I never heard(read) an excess of ink in a new ribbon, but there is people here that might tell you something better.


25-11-2017 12:38:36  #3

Re: Installation of ribbon in Erika 10

Yes I'm going to give the heads a bit of a clean and see if it is any better, however the ribbon just doesn't look quite right - like ink is pooling on the surface in parts.  I'm beginning to wonder if the ribbon is old/dud/faulty/cheap.  But I will reserve judgement till I have cleaned everything up.  I've managed to find close up shots elsewhere which do seem to suggest it is fitted correctly though.

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