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02-1-2018 17:25:08  #1

Replacement ribbon

I'm new to this forum and typewriters. This may sound silly but I am looking for recommendations on getting new ribbon for the portable typewriter I've been giving as a gift. The ribbon in it works, but is old and a little light. I'm not sure what to get so I'm in hopes that someone could lead me down the right path. Thank you.


02-1-2018 22:21:42  #2

Re: Replacement ribbon

What is the typewriter you have received? Depending on the model, it may take a standard ("universal") spool that should be easily available. In any event, you can always get a new ribbon and spool it onto the existing spools, so do not throw them away. 


02-1-2018 22:50:16  #3

Re: Replacement ribbon

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03-1-2018 01:08:04  #4

Re: Replacement ribbon

Office Depot sells the universal spool ribbons.  I always wind them into the old soools to eliminate mechanical issues.  Once they’re would a few times, tie a knot to prevent it from coming undone as the spool unwinds, or to trip the auto ribbon reverse.  Make sure the red side is on the bottom, and happy typing.

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03-1-2018 05:31:41  #5

Re: Replacement ribbon

Fleetwing, I'm not exactly sure what model it is but I know that it is a depression era Royal portable. I definitely planned to keep the reels. I was figuring that they would be useful. And even if they weren't there old and that makes them valuable to me. My mom has had it since the 50's but has no info on it... Lucas, thank you. I will check that out. Should be easy enough for me to do. Sounds like putting fishing line on a new reel, which I've done a time or two...

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