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09-1-2018 02:01:28  #1

Two questions about the Rooy ultraportable...

I have an opportunity to purchase a Rooy ultraportable typewriter and I have two questions for the TT cognoscenti:

1. I would be purchasing it from a person who is not familiar with its operation. When I handled it, I could not seem to find the technique to make the carriage return handle stay in the retracted position for closing the case - it worked once but I couldn't replicate it. In the Rooy (Roxy) manual, it states "Push the line space lever to right and lower its movable arm into locking position. Push carriage right up to stop". The arm folds fine, the carriage stops in the correct position, but the arm remains tilted out blocking the case from closing. Any tips or tricks for this procedure would be most welcome.

2. There's a UK ribbon seller on fleaBay that sells "1 x Rooy *BLACK* Typewriter Ribbon Twin Spool - Air Sealed With Eyelets.... 12.7mm Width Ribbon.... This ribbon will fit an "Rooy" typewriter which requires a ribbon with eyelets to enable the ribbon reverse to operate correctly." Is this the correct ribbon for the ultraportable model?

Thank-you in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer.


09-1-2018 04:28:05  #2

Re: Two questions about the Rooy ultraportable...

I am in the UK and I can tell you that seller hasn't got a clue !  The Rooy takes an 11mm ribbon and the spools are very hard to find.  If the machine has the original spools, I can supply new 11mm ribbon fabric to wind onto them.  http://www.thetypewriterman.co.uk/supplies.html   No, this isn't an advert ! If you are in the USA, I can suggest a supplier of 11mm ribbon fabric that might work out cheaper for you. 


09-1-2018 18:33:58  #3

Re: Two questions about the Rooy ultraportable...

In the ribbon seller's defence, Rooy portables may have used 11 mm ribbon, but didn't the intermediate and standard models use 13 mm ribbon? The quote in the OP didn't specify which model the ribbon is for, other than a model that required grommets to actuate the ribbon reverse.

OP: I don't own a Rooy, but have models that use a similar system of folding the line space lever down. Some of these systems require that you hook the lever on the inside of the carriage knob when you fold it down to keep it in place, and it then acts as a carriage lock; perhaps this is what you need to do with your Rooy?

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10-1-2018 11:22:33  #4

Re: Two questions about the Rooy ultraportable...

My Roxy carriage return stays in the position for closing according to directions. It is currently in Portland being cleaned and refreshed or I would check.

I love the instructions in the '50s art style with the poodle holding the Roxy in its mouth by the strap. I printed out the download and assembled. Oooo-la-la!


10-1-2018 17:28:10  #5

Re: Two questions about the Rooy ultraportable...

Ooooo-la-la! illustrated ...



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