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10-1-2018 16:16:36  #1

Adler Tippa S Canary Issues

Hello guys.

A few days ago I got hold of an Adler Tippa S (Canary) German-made typewriter. 

A picture of the model from the back.


Type sample


Not sure which year these were made even though I did some extensive searches online. There were a few things that I missed out when examining it prior to purchase. It was only when I got home did I figure out there were a few issues. I will be immensely grateful if you guys could share your opinions, thoughts and/or solutions to these following concerns:

(a) One of the typewriter keys has cracked on the underside. It sits a little flimsy but a firm tap on it when typing causes it to just come right off. I was thinking of gluing the cracked part of the key and firmly sticking it back on. What would you suggest in this case?


(b) Some of the keys are depressed/sunken. In other words, some keys seem to sit lower than the others as if they have been used more. Any idea how these could be fixed?


(c) I do have a few parts that are showing some signs of rust. Even though the machine's body is mostly made of ABS plastic, the back portion of the carriage and the part that feeds the paper are not. I just want to make sure that the rust does not further worsen. 

(d) There has been conflicting info floating on the web about how WD-40 should be avoided when it comes to typewriters. Would paint thinner/naphtha do the trick together with Rem-Oil? Perhaps you could shine some light on this for clarity.

(e) Would I be able to get a repair/service manual for my Tippa S somewhere? I have only seen the user guide which gave tips on usage. 

Thank you all.



10-1-2018 16:45:25  #2

Re: Adler Tippa S Canary Issues

I can't open your pictures, so I have to work off your descriptions. So with regard to (a) I can't really offer suggestions. But I'm not sure I'd want to actually glue the key onto the bar, if that's what you're proposing, unless the plastic is broken in a way that it'll never stay put.

(b) I know, this looks bad. Is there any problem with actual typing, though? If not, then I wouldn't worry about it too much. But check all the linkages from the keys to the typebar and see whether some of them have gotten bent. Straightening them may make the keys more level with the rest.

(c) If you're now keeping the machine in a ventilated and dry place, I wouldn't worry about the rust spreading. A very light coating of light oil on the rust may help remove what's there, and should keep it from spreading. Don't put it on moving parts, though, since it might over time gum them up. Sewing machine oil, used sparingly, should be OK, but I wouldn't go with anything heavier. (I have used 3-in-1 Oil at times, though, since it's a good rust inhibitor.)

(d) Definitely typewriters aren't the place to use WD-40. Naphtha (aka lighter fluid) or clear mineral spirits should do the job for cleaning and de-gumming. You may need multiple applications, though.

(e) I don't know. Maybe others can offer suggestions.


11-1-2018 12:25:36  #3

Re: Adler Tippa S Canary Issues

Hello Fleetwing. Thank you for the prompt reply. I tried to follow the stick thread on embedding pictures into a post but it turned out as such. I will add them in the same order as above and see if that helps your assessment. My sincere apologies.





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11-1-2018 17:40:07  #4

Re: Adler Tippa S Canary Issues

Your Adler Tippa 'S' probably dates between the late 1960's and the mid-1970's.  If you search for 'The Typewriter Database' you should be able to find out the exact year from the serial number.  It is not best practice, but I think all you can do is glue the keytop back onto the keylever with epoxy resin.  In an ideal world, you would fit a replacement keytop, but short of buying another Tippa for spares, there isn't much hope of finding one.  The uneven keyboard has probably been caused by someone pounding really hard on it - maybe a child hitting the keys with their fist ?  It is quite likely that the key levers are bent.  You could try bending them back if you are feeling brave - but you could easily break one.  A case of 'kill or cure' !  In good working order, the Tippa 'S' is a nice typewriter !


11-1-2018 19:37:41  #5

Re: Adler Tippa S Canary Issues

Hi AT84

​That's a cool looking techno-font on that unit and the type alignment appears to be good, so as for the uneven keys, I'd agree with TW-man and Fleetwing about checking all the linkages under the basket. The broken or cracked key looks like there may be a piece missing from one end. AS TW-man says, might as well glue the key back together in position on the key arm. Use the good strong 2 part epoxy resin (not JB-Weld) and hold the key in place with a cloths peg or pin (depending on what you like to call them) while the glue cures. If you press the two keys directly in front of the broken key down together, the type bars will hold each other up and keep the keys down allowing room for the cloths peg while the glue sets over night. 

​For the surface rust, if the rust isn't in a place that contacts the paper or any other moving part, a spritz of WD-40 will arrest the rust as it leaves a moisture proof sticky film after the carrier has evaporated. It's the stickiness of this film that causes the problems you hear about when WD-40 is used on moving parts, it tends to glue them together. Hope this gives you something with which to work,



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