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11-1-2018 10:22:22  #1

remington rand 17

The carriage will not catch when you return. Everything else seems to work. We tightened the draw band (?), but that didn't change anything.


11-1-2018 20:03:49  #2

Re: remington rand 17

Hi Jerry

​You'll have to expand on your description a little more so we can get an idea of what you're talking about. You say the carriage doesn't catch, does this means it zings all the way to the left, or it doesn't advance one space with each key stroke. The machine itself appears to be an industrial standard sized office machine, probably world war 2 era so is likely 70+ years old. Do you know any of the machine's history, like service or repair records? Get back to us with what information you can find on this machine and we'll see what we can do for you. All the best,



13-1-2018 09:25:04  #3

Re: remington rand 17

I'm sorry, you described the problem exactly. I have just purchased the machine, so I know nothing of it's history.

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