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11-1-2018 23:36:18  #1

Help identifying my recently purchased Hermes Baby (Mint Green)

Hi there, I have just purchased a HD-2 Hermes Baby Typewriter but know very little about typewriters and want to learn more about my specific model. I have the machine number, but no year of manufacture and thought this forum may be the best place to help me identify it.
The machine number is 6076526 and I am just guessing that it was manufactured in 1964 going by the machine number as according Typewriterdatabase.com, the first model number of 1964 is 6025600 and the first of 1965 was 6079800. I just wanted to check if this sounds correct? It has a hard sloped case.
I have also read about Paillard licencing it’s design to others companies in 1964. My typewriter has stamped “Made in Switzerland” on the metal under the cover, and also imprinted in the lining in the hard carry case. I just wanted to find out if that definitely means it was made in Switzerland or could for the above reason have been made elsewhere?
After looking at lots of images of the mint green Hermes Baby Typewriters online, I haven’t found a lot that have an “@” symbol above the 4 and an American dollar sign above an exclamation mark on the far right key of the third row of keys from the top. I’m not sure if this information will help better identify the year or country of the typewriter?
I apologise if any of my questions seem silly, I’m really new to typewriters but excited about learning more about them and using mine. If anyone could let me know what ribbon it uses and any online sellers that would also be excellent.
Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it,


11-1-2018 23:50:18  #2

Re: Help identifying my recently purchased Hermes Baby (Mint Green)

Welcome to the forum, Gem.

​Yes, it's a 1964 model and it was made in Switzerland. The machines that were produced under licence by other manufacturers have their own stamping in them.

Keep in mind that these typewriters were sold internationally, and as such there were numerous keyboard layouts available and various character sets for them. The only thing that keyboards and characters will tell you is what countries the machine might have been sold in, but even that is not conclusive.

​Ribbon for your typewriter is readily available; if you mention where you're located in the world someone local to you might be able to provide a convenient source. Ordering online is also an option (eBay for example has plenty of ribbon sellers, but there are plenty of other sources too).

​Here's a photo of my '64 Baby (aka Rocket - #6027859) with a slightly different character set to yours:

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11-1-2018 23:55:59  #3

Re: Help identifying my recently purchased Hermes Baby (Mint Green)

Thank you Uwe for your quick and very informative reply! I am really grateful! I live in Sydney, Australia. Thank you again!

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12-1-2018 00:04:48  #4

Re: Help identifying my recently purchased Hermes Baby (Mint Green)

There are a number of Aussies here, but I'd send beak ​a PM (private message) because he might be able to suggest a ribbon supplier that is local to you.

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