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02-3-2018 09:58:15  #1

Olivetti Lettera 22

Replaced a draw band that had broken in a Lettera 22.  Used 50 lb. fishing line, exactly 15.5 inches long.  The spring was wound four times.  Used a bamboo skewer to fish the line through after connecting it to one end of the carriage.  Make sure the line goes through underneath correctly or else the line will not stay on the spring.  Another hand is needed to do this.  My wife helped me hold the taut spring until I got the knot on the end of the line in the slot.

Also, the carriage lock was stuck when I received the typewriter.  I took the lock off by unscrewing two small screws and freed the carriage.  When you replace the carriage lock, the two little screws need to be left untightened until you set the tongue of the lock in the slot of the carriage rail.  When that is done, tighten the screws.


28-5-2018 13:22:48  #2

Re: Olivetti Lettera 22

BTW, a couple of hardware items you owners might want to know about.  I got these at Lowes:

Rubber grommets for the screws that hold outer case (4 total):  Hillman 7/16 O.D. x 3/16 I.D. Rubber Grommet, P/N#881252

Rubber feet on bottom panel: Danco 3/8 M Beveled Washer, 21/32" O.D.  No.88584  You have to modify these because they need a shoulder inside the hole about half-way inside it.   Might try sticking a heated rod or something larger than the hole diameter to create it.

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