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03-3-2018 00:46:38  #1

Smith Corona Silent Loud Typing

I use a 1947 Smith Corona Silent for most of my typing. It is rather loud when the type slugs hit the platen. I found putting the typewriter on a wool pad helps, but it is still much louder than most manuals I see in videos. Any ideas on how to lessen the noise? The platen is hard, so I assume that is the problem. I have considered having the platen recovered, but that would cost about $100 and I don't want to make that kind of investment yet.

Thank you



03-3-2018 14:26:32  #2

Re: Smith Corona Silent Loud Typing

Try typing on two or three sheets of paper, or on your lap.  Sometimes that helps.  Solid foundations all too.  Hardwood desks, not coffee tables.

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