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03-3-2018 15:49:24  #1

That good ol' chemical smell.

Hey there,

So, after lots of reading and getting tips from old typewriter repair guys, I've decided to step up my chemical cleaner game. One issue, though, is that lots of those chemicals smell pretty nasty, so there's no using them indoors. So, I clean them outside and then I do my best to let my machine air-out. But even after airing out for a several hours, some of the smells linger (I'm looking right at you, PB B'laster), so my typewriter remains outside. Here's the thing though--eventually, I'd really like to bring my typewriter indoors and use it without nauseating my family, crazy as that sounds.

Anyone know any ways of speeding this process up or have any tricks to help neutralize the chemical oders?


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03-3-2018 16:02:51  #2

Re: That good ol' chemical smell.

I've been running into the same problem working indoors. I've been researching diy fume hoods, basically an open box with duct work and a modified bathroom fan leading to a window. I might rig that up and see how that works. I've been using smaller amounts at a time to see if that helps.


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