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04-3-2018 16:16:31  #1

Small Parts organization

I'm a bit disorganized and I tend to forget where parts came from. Does anyone have tips or tricks for keeping small parts organized when they breakdown a machine? I was thinking about getting a few dollar store pill boxes and writing down what container they are in and where they came from so I can remember. Let's just say that my Clipper is missing a few screws but works well.


04-3-2018 23:33:08  #2

Re: Small Parts organization

Hi Jeff,

One of my tricks is that I use some adhesive tape to stick the screw or part unto an open notebook, under which I write where it's from (like 'frontplate left/front screw' or something like that). 
That way it doesn't go anywhere, and I remember where it's from.


05-3-2018 12:36:37  #3

Re: Small Parts organization

Hi Jeff

​The system I use is compartmented jewelry craft small parts containers and cut a piece of card stock into 1" squares. When you've removed the screws holding the rear carriage cover or the keyboard bezel or any other part from the typewriter, drop those and only those screws into one of the compartments, write on one of the 1" squares what those screws are for and drop the piece of card in over the screws.

As long as you make sure the lid is securely closed before you move the container, your screws and other small parts should all stay where you put them. If you are dismantling more than one typewriter at a time, use a separate container for each typewriter and identify each container with the make and model of the machine written on a piece of masking or painter's tape stuck to the lid of the container.

All the best,



05-3-2018 23:35:13  #4

Re: Small Parts organization

I wing it, but don’t recommend it.  Never had a problem.  For me, I understand the placement of all necessary parts.  It’s like my brain creates a 3D rendering.
A lot of people tend to place screws back into the holes they came from, just without the part they held on.  This is always a good idea!

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07-3-2018 13:57:19  #5

Re: Small Parts organization

Thanks everyone! I picked up a three pack of bead organizers from Michaels. They have 15 compartments in each. Numbered and labeled the cases and I'm keeping a notebook describing where they came from.

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27-3-2018 17:25:30  #6

Re: Small Parts organization

I use little baggies.  They sell them a craft stores for... I don't know what, people who keep beads or stuff.  I got a bunch off of ebay.  I'll put parts in a little baggie and a scrap of paper that says something like 'Remi portable back cover screws (4)'.  If the machine stays taken apart for any length of time I'll staple all the baggies together and stick them in the basket.  

For short term screw holding, I just use a flat fridge magnet.  If at all possible, I'll put the screw back in the machine in the correct spot. Like if I take a cover off, I'll just put the screw back in the hole even if the cover is staying off for a while, or if I take a platen off, I'll put the screw in the proper hole if it will fit and stay in.


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