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08-3-2018 21:37:01  #1

Underwood Noiseless Portable carriage 'slack' adjustment

Hello all, I took my '37 Underwood Noiseless Portable out for a jaunt and while looking it over I noticed that you can pull the carriage slightly toward you. It is not very much but it is enough to make the type print slightly lower. Is there a way to adjust for this 'slack?' I should note that the carriage rails also move with the carriage when I pull it forward.

I just thought I would ask and get some opinions.

Thanks in advance.


08-3-2018 23:15:07  #2

Re: Underwood Noiseless Portable carriage 'slack' adjustment

I had this issue on one of my Underwood’s as well.  There are two wheels that hold the carriage down and allow it to roll.  Similar to the wheels on the Royal standards.  Adjust these so they hold the carriage in place better.  There should be one in the front and one in the back

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