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06-4-2018 11:31:41  #1

Problem with Smith Corona Calypso portable

Hello all
 I have the above typewriter which had a carraige which skips all the way to the left and doesn't stay in place. The problem seems to be the lower gears on the ratchet wheel were misaligned with the gears which control the movement of the carraige when a key is pressed. I can put something in to realign the gears so the carraige stays in place, but I have noticed that every time I strike a key the carraige moves two spaces, so once when the key goes up and once on the way down. Can anyone cast any light on this as getting to throw it in the
skip time and it is a nice looking typewriter.
Have given link to a photo of the gears below - if anyone wants to see anymore photos please don't hesitate to ask

Thanks very much for reading



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