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15-4-2018 21:46:15  #1

Just another day at eBay


You have just pulled the keys off a special purpose typewriter for which you could have gotten much more money net, even allowing for shipping costs.


Hello Friend, I sincerely appreciate your heartfelt concern, but the typewriter was totally smashed and in very bad shape. the bod was cracked and did not work. you can see some of the damage in the photos. But thank you


I've repaired such.


You be the judge.


18-4-2018 11:50:00  #2

Re: Just another day at eBay

Agreed.  The machine is very fixable, and the unique platen ads a little to the value. Also, they keys can easily be replaced, and hold no value to artists and jewelers.

Typewriter collector and repair geek

18-4-2018 11:50:25  #3

Re: Just another day at eBay

I work on “too far gone” machines with a 100% success rate

Typewriter collector and repair geek

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