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22-4-2018 12:07:18  #1

Problem with Brother GX-9000

I bought online an electronic typewriter Brother GX-9000 a couple of years ago, but stopped using it until now. The typewriter is completely fine and almost unused, but it stopped working after a day. It started to type random characters instead of the ones I typed. And when I tried to correct an 'A' with a 'S' the hammer seemed to have broken, because the sound of typing wasnt the same. When i removed the cover top to see what was wrong, an intermitent beep fired, with a message on the screen telling me to 'check the printing system' or something, I dont remember.
Now, Im practically new to this. I bought both a new ribbon and new daisy wheel on the internet. Those are products sold by a few stores here. What else should I do? How do I change both ribbon and daisy wheel? I already looked up the manual. All this supposing that I can fix it on my own without requiring service. Could you show me if there's any place on the internet showing what a healthy daisy wheel looks like while typing? And lastly, could it not be any of these problems but an issue with the power/cables?



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