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02-5-2018 23:16:10  #1

Value of a Hermes 3000 cursive typewriter???

Hello typewriter enthusiasts,

In the process of downsizing I have rediscovered Nanna's old Hermes 3000 curvise typewriter. I loved that machine as a kid so always kept a hold of it but the time has come to try and sell it on. I've read these typewriters can be somewhat valuable but I can't find any estimates/valuations online anywhere. I don't want to be one of those heathens who knows nothing about typewriters and shoots too high but by the same token, I don't want to give it away either after holding on to it for 30 odd years since my Nan passed away.

Would anyone be able to give me some advice on a reasonable price I should be asking for it, please? Something fair for both parties. It's in good condition and has the metal case cover. I'm in Perth Western Australia so I expect the market here would not be as good as North America and Europe.

Appreciate any advice you have. Thank you.


03-5-2018 08:26:09  #2

Re: Value of a Hermes 3000 cursive typewriter???

You're right that these do fetch a premium, but it's the earliest version that seems to be most in demand, since the styling is considered more attractive than the two later versions. Mechanically they are pretty much the same. Go here http://typewriterdatabase.com/Hermes.3000.82.bmys and look at the pictures to figure out which version you have. I'm not sure where the serial number is on these machines, but if you know it or can find it, that will tell you the year.

Is the machine complete? One thing that seems to be the Achilles heel of the 3000 is the platen knobs, which become brittle and often break off. So check that, and also make sure the machine is working properly in all respects.

As for the cursive typefont (more accurately called script, I understand), I'm not sure that's a bonus. Some people like it, but it's pretty hard to read for any length of time, so I don't think a writer would want to use it. Someone who likes writing letters or short notes may enjoy it.

Let us know which version you have, and if it's all working and complete, and that may give us more with which to give you a possible value. There are some folks from Oz on here who can speak to local pricing, I expect.


03-5-2018 09:36:01  #3

Re: Value of a Hermes 3000 cursive typewriter???

Hi Leafy and FW

​On the first or curvy model and the second angular model with metal body, the serial number is under the ribbon cover to the left of the touch selector. I don't own a third or boxy plastic bodied 3000, so I can't tell you on that one. To get an idea of what these machines are going for, create an eBay account, search Hermes 3000 in typewriters and save several of each kind in your watch list. Your watch list will let you view the machines after they've sold, so you can get an accurate idea of what these units are actually selling for and not just what sellers are asking. Hope this gives you something with which to work. All the best,



03-5-2018 17:08:56  #4

Re: Value of a Hermes 3000 cursive typewriter???

Thanks so much for the information, Fleetwing and Skywatcher.
The serial number is 7009599 so I think this means a 1970 model. The platen knobs are fine and don't appear to be brittle at all. I'll have to have a thorough play with the machine to check everything is working properly (and to find out what all the bits and pieces do!). The ribbon wasn't moving but I realised I had it on stencil setting. just noticed the keys are not hitting the carriage, stopping about an inch away so I'll do a bit of investigating on that.
I have set up some watched items on ebay but couldn't find any with script font which I thought would be worth more. I may have to review my expectations! I have pages and pages and pages of old letters from my Nan typed on this machine and I agree, one letter is ok but reading a lot with this script gets a little tiring!
Again, thank you so much for the advice. Much appreciated 

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