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22-5-2018 18:45:52  #1

How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

I finnaly was able to buy a hermes 3000 for a decent price here in Brazil. It's the 50-60's curvy model. The problem was: it was really dirty. There were huge pieces of dust and dirt inside of it, so I had to remove the body and the platen, etc. The problem is that, as far as I know, it's impossible to remove the body of these machines without removing the carriage. I know: don't remove remove the carriage unless it's absolutely necessary. But I had to reach those inner parts to clean it. So I did, it cleaned real nice etc. The problem is: I can't put the carriage back on its place. I can't seem to find the proper position. I tried all kinds of positions for the screws, it doesn't work. The carriage always get stuck. I'm posting a few pictures of what I'm doing. Is there a trick or something that I'm not aware of?

Here are some photos of some shots that I gave. One of them is really blurred, sorry about that. But the idea is to show some positions that I've tried.











23-5-2018 03:35:24  #2

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

Your pictures aren't visible - at least on my computer - but based on what you are saying I will try to help.  The carriage latches down with two turnbuckles, left and right behind and under the carriage bed.  Look carefully and you should see directional arrows stamped on them.  The turnbuckles are released by rotating the screws, which not only loosen the turnbuckle but also swings it out of the way so that the carriage can be lifted out.  If I remember correctly, one side is a left hand thread and the other a right hand thread.  This may well be your problem !


23-5-2018 09:14:21  #3

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

What's Portuguese for "turnbuckle"? 


23-5-2018 15:44:46  #4

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

If you just shout 'turnbuckle' very loudly, like speaking to a large deaf child, they are bound to understand.  At least that was what the English always used to do when abroad in the old days


23-5-2018 16:02:55  #5

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

Looks like the word is "tensor," at least according to The Internet.

But you're right -- English (including American English) spoken loudly always works, and makes a good impression....


23-5-2018 19:59:54  #6

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

Thank you for the answer. Actually, I am able to screw it back onto its place. The problem is that it doesn't seem to be on the proper position to engage the escapement. I made a video to show what happens with the carriage after I put it back onto its place. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/8aTpU1VxMoc" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And here are some photos (I expect):


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23-5-2018 20:02:38  #7

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

Video failed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aTpU1VxMoc

PS: Turnbuckle is "Tensor" in portuguese (something like "Tensioner").

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24-5-2018 03:02:34  #8

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

Thank you for the photos and video.  It could well be that the two adjusting screws with the large heads (seen in the middle of the first photo) are not engaging with the centre stop (seen in the middle of the last photo).  Before refitting the carriage again, check the operation of the escapement by tensioning the escapement wheel with your finger whilst operating the spacebar or any of the keys.  Sometimes with this model, you need to rattle the carriage bed a bit to make it settle down into place before tightening the turnbuckles (tensors).


24-5-2018 12:42:37  #9

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

Thanks for the answer. I'm not sure what you mean by tensioning the escapement wheel with my finger. I tried to put the carriage while pressing the space bar. It feels different. But it doesn't get into place corrextly, one side of the carriage stays higher then the other.

I'm becoming so sad with this machine. I'm really starting to lose my hopes. I don't know whatelse to try anymore.

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24-5-2018 16:03:44  #10

Re: How do I reinstall the carriage on a Hermes 3000?

Don't lose heart !  I have studied your pictures very carefully and I think I know what might be wrong.  In the first picture, I can see that the margins are locked together.  You will have to move them to the extreme ends of the carriage before you refit the carriage to the typewriter.  By tensioning the escapement wheel with your finger, I simply meant that you apply a little pressure to the top of the wheel to simulate the carriage being there, and try pressing the spacebar to see if the escapement is working normally and spacing one tooth at a time.  If something is jamming it, then of course the carriage will not move along when you fit it.  Try moving the margins with the carriage off the machine and see if it will go on properly then.  Good luck !


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