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21-6-2018 00:33:53  #1

Factory drawings/blueprints for typewriters available?

Hi all - does anyone perhaps have any original drawings / blueprints for any typewriters that might be used by the machinists, etc. that fabricated them? I am wondering how hard it might be to use laser cutting, 3D printing, basic machining, etc. the parts to fabricate a typewriter (or spare parts, at least). I can't seem to find anything online and the old patents are painful to read at best.


21-6-2018 11:10:35  #2

Re: Factory drawings/blueprints for typewriters available?

This sounds like an interesting quest. I suppose the patents are probably the only resource available easily and even online; for any more specific parts you'll probably need to physically hunt down the company archives of those companies that once manufactured the typewriters (or of the companies that bought those companies). Often old companies are proud of their history and maintain such an archive; try asking them or their successors whether you can access it and search for such things (bonus points if you ask with a typewritten letter).

I'm sure the members of this forum are eager to know if you succeed with such a task.


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