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21-6-2018 01:20:40  #1

Typewriter Storage In Humidity

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this question on, but! I live down in North Carolina, where the summer is getting extremely hot and even more so humid. My seven typewriters are currently being stored on an open shelf in my third story, except the air flow up there is lacking. With this intense humidity, I worry about these conditions harming my typewriters. What is the best way to protect them from any negative effects? Will the stufffy conditions have any effect at all? I’m particularly concerned about mold!

A high schooler with typewriters. 

21-6-2018 21:48:11  #2

Re: Typewriter Storage In Humidity

I live in Queensland Australia, and mould can be a problem here too.  Assuming you can't arrange good air flow, it may be worth investigating moisture absorbers of the type designed for protecting clothes in the wardrobe.  Sunlight is also good for preventing mould - put each machine in the sun every now and then?  Sounds daft but it all helps.


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