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29-6-2018 08:09:29  #1

Triumph Gabriele 10 color switch problem

Hi all,
I'm extreme newb in the typewriter domain, but bought one because I've always been fascinated about them. Please bare with me if I mess some specific words.
I've bought a Triumph Gabriele 10 but is writing in half black-half red because the band seems not going at the correct height. If I switch the color with the specific button, then the band doesn't move at all and the steel letters will directly hit the paper. I attached a small video showing the problem:


Can anyone please have any ideas? Is there some piece missing? 
Thank you


29-6-2018 14:21:45  #2

Re: Triumph Gabriele 10 color switch problem

Welcome! I couldn't really tell from the video what was happening -- if you had put paper in, it might have been clearer. But I think I understand the problem. There should be three positions for the ribbon, coded Blue (upper portion of the ribbon), Red (lower portion), and White (ribbon does not move at all -- used for typing stencils so the machine types directly on the stencil material).

I couldn't tell whether your machine was on the Blue or Red setting when it was typing half black, half red. Does it work OK on one of those two settings, that is, will it type entirely red or black on one of those settings? I can say that this is not an easy fix, and you may want to just get a single color ribbon (black, probably) and use that instead.


29-6-2018 16:29:01  #3

Re: Triumph Gabriele 10 color switch problem

Here is the solution :  There is nothing wrong with your typewriter, it is behaving normally !  Your typewriter has been manufactured with a special 'Script' typestyle, which looks like joined-up handwriting.  You might like to know that typewriters with this typestyle are comparatively rare and are sought-after.  Because some of the script characters are rather tall, they would give a half black, half red effect using a normal Black/Red ribbon.  The makers have blanked off the 'red' position on the ribbon switch, and your machine is intended to operate in two modes only - Black and Stencil.  Stencil is for preparing duplicator (mimeograph) stencils, and for this the ribbon is not used - hence the ribbon vibrator not rising when the control is in the 'white' position.  Reassemble your typewriter, fit an all-black ribbon and enjoy !


30-6-2018 19:27:32  #4

Re: Triumph Gabriele 10 color switch problem

Hi Km1

Newbies are always welcome here, it's a great place to start and we're a friendly bunch. As Tom thetypewriterman says, most cursive font typewriters only have 2 ribbon positions, print or stencil due to the height of the letters. My Olympia SM4, Smith-Corona Silent-Super and SCM Smith-Corona Classic 12 all have only 2 ribbon positions. With these machines, it's fun to load a solid coloured ribbon like green, blue or purple. Cursive type in colour looks pretty cool. Tom sells purple ribbon from his online store in Luton England. All the best,



02-7-2018 03:36:59  #5

Re: Triumph Gabriele 10 color switch problem

Thank you all for the answers! It helped me to understand a bit more about these machines

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02-7-2018 13:14:14  #6

Re: Triumph Gabriele 10 color switch problem

And I as well! Not having a script typeface machine, I didn't realize there was this distinction. Enjoy your Triumph!


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