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18-11-2018 17:45:47  #1

WTB: Ribbon Cover and Spool Tops for Remington Reporter (LX126818)

as key master explained in my other thread (http://typewriter.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=2805), the remington reporter was a sort of "spin off" of the post war remington torpedos that are quite well known. in order to renovate my machine i need a ribbon cover and two spool tops. i will also need a new ribbon but i feel as though that may be relatively easy to obtain for cheap. 

the spool tops i suspect of being able to be from any similar model and still fit, as i have seen a few more common models on the internet which seem to have the same parts. everything else on the machine works as intended. i am enclosing two images below, for convenience:


this is what the intact model looks like:


i am unsure of what the process behind this is, so please be patient with me. 


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