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28-11-2018 18:03:38  #1

Typewriter fabric

I was at a fabric store the other day and I saw this for 60% off. I couldn't resist buying the remaining 4 1/2 yards. Any suggestions for what I should do with it? I was thinking curtains for the summer, or pillows, or maybe a tote bag. 
I didn't do an exhaustive search, but here's one place I found it online: https://www.cottonbollquilting.com/shop/Fabrics/Screenprints/Tim-Holtz-Fabrics/p/PWTH0448NEUTTypo-Correspondence-Tim-Holtz-Free-Spirit-x27912617.htm




29-11-2018 11:38:07  #2

Re: Typewriter fabric

Nice find. I went through a period - albeit a very short one - when I was checking local fabric stores for similarly themed prints, but didn't have any luck. I wanted to make a couple of typewriter covers out of the material for my more valuable standards; of course any material would suffice for this, but having a themed cover seemed the most appropriate.

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30-11-2018 06:42:40  #3

Re: Typewriter fabric

I would use it as the liner for a leather portfolio in which I keep all the loose sheets of current typed projects.


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