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06-12-2018 03:33:46  #1

How to remove platen Continental Standard ~1925

Dear all,

I am in the process of restoring a very dusty and filthy Continental Standard Typewriter. All parts are clean, except for the carriage. Furthermore: the platen is as hard as a rock.

Good news is: I may have found a typewriter platen repair-place in the Netherlands. Still waiting on reply.

In the meantime, I want to get the platen out of the carriage, but I don't know how this is possible.

How do I remove the platen?

Attached some photos.



Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,


06-12-2018 04:26:04  #2

Re: How to remove platen Continental Standard ~1925

Dear Gert-Jan, Platen removal is very easy on these machines.  The platen knobs simply unscrew, together with their half-shafts, and then the platen can be lifted out.  It is a normal right-hand thread.  I see some rust in the pictures, so you might find that the threads are hard to undo.


06-12-2018 04:28:17  #3

Re: How to remove platen Continental Standard ~1925

So I do not have to unscrew the bolts as seen in the picture? (the bolts that go into the platen roll)

Are both sides right-hand thread?

Do I hold the platen with one hand and try to unscrew platen knob with other hand?

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07-12-2018 03:23:30  #4

Re: How to remove platen Continental Standard ~1925

I tried to unscrew the knobs. Unfortunately, both sides won't loosen up.

Any advice? Perhaps use WD-40?

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07-12-2018 11:57:54  #5

Re: How to remove platen Continental Standard ~1925

Yes, you are supposed to grip the platen and unscrew the knobs.  I did think that they might be rusted in from looking at the pictures.  First try soaking the threads with penetrating oil or sewing machine oil (several days).  If they still do not unscrew, the next thing to try is heat from a blowlamp flame on the shafts.  Be very careful that you do not burn the platen knobs - remembering that the heat will travel in that direction too.  It is surprising what a bit of heat will release, but be very careful ! Also try carefully tightening them before trying to loosen them.  This can sometimes break the rust in the threads.


07-12-2018 16:52:12  #6

Re: How to remove platen Continental Standard ~1925

Thanks for your reply!

Sorry to be a nuisance, but I have one (hopefully) final question: where exactly are the threads?

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Yesterday 04:44:10  #7

Re: How to remove platen Continental Standard ~1925

Dear Gert-Jan, Sorry I haven't got a Continental here that I can measure.  Has anyone else on here got one that they can remove the platen half-shaft and measure ?  It will obviously be a metric thread, probably German Metric Fine.


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